Moths Pest Control

Moths are one of the most annoying pest problems, and the common clothes moth is even more so. This particular type of moth will damage clothing, house hold furnishings and carpets. The common clothes moth is also known as Tineola Bisselliella. 

We at Twenty Four Pest Control, offering Moths Control in preventing moths from houses and commercial places with the help of supreme quality chemicals and hi-tech techniques. For professional assistance, contact a pest control professional. House moth and clothes moth control measures including moth balls, moth deterrents and moth killer spray. Moth problems can usually be solved with using research-based pest control strategies.

We at Twenty Four Pest Control, being an ISO certified and member of Indian Pest Control Association of India (IPCA) provide effective pest control service. We provide best solution for Moths Pest Control for you. For any Moths Pest Control infestation, we would always recommend contacting a professional pest control company, preferably like us a member of the (IPCA). We have full time experienced young professional and use correct methodology and techniques for maintenance of cleanliness & prevention of breeding of Moths Pest. 

For more information on Moths Pest Control or our expert's advice kindly dial  +91-7676919919. Our Technician will Smell Pleasant, Show Up On Time, And Leave Your Property As Clean And Neat As It Was Before We Arrived.

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