Termite Pest Control

Termites are social & soft body insects also commonly known as white-ants,. They need high level of humidity and temperature. Termite infestation are mostly seen at woodwork like panels, wardrobes, shelves, wooden cupboards, door and window frames, wall and other such kind of areas. 

Termites can spread very fast and cause damage to the construction or woodwork. If you notice any mud tubes or tunnels near the basement or the walls, you can make sure that the house is infested with Termites, Our follow four step service for Termite treatment are as given :-
  • Step 1 : Treatment at the Junction of Wall / floor
  • Step 2 : Treatment at points of contact of fixed wood work.
  • Step 3 : Treatment to mud tube shelters
  • Step 4 : Coating on all wood work / fixtures
We at Twenty Four Pest Controloffering Termite Pest Control services to our clients. We provide these effective services for residential as well as commercial such as schools, houses, institutions, hotels, buildings and many other building or places where woodwork exists. We also specialized in Pre Construction Anti-Termite Treatment. 

For more information on Termite Pest Control or our expert's advice kindly dial  +91 - 7676919919Our Technician Will Smell Pleasant, Show Up On Time, And Leave Your Property As Clean And Neat As It Was Before We Arrived.

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